6 Creative Ways to Slay Valentine’s Day
Kelty February 8, 2018

6 Creative Ways to Slay Valentine’s Day

Whoa there, Romeo! Not every girl wants to spend Valentine’s Day spruced up in her stiletto best, slogging through the inflated prix fixe menu whilst gazing into your oh-so-soulful eyes. (Okay, your eyes are kind of dreamy.) But here at Kelty, we believe that any date worth his or her salt should be more than willing to break the heart-shaped mold on February 14. Here are six everyday-to-epic ways to do just that—for couples, girlfriends and groups. Get after it!



Everybody loves a hot tub…especially Mother Nature! This year, trade chlorine for natural minerals (and in some cases, your swimsuits for your birthday suits) with the ultimate Valentine’s Day twofer: a hot springs hike. There are natural mineral pools all over this great country—we especially like this comprehensive roundup from Reserve America for their selections’ serene, remote locations. Work those muscles on the way in…then canoodle all the way home. 

EPIC: GET NAKED IN NATURE Listen, you don’t need us to tell you how to do this. It’s in your DNA, and you wouldn’t be here if your ancestors weren’t pretty good at it. There’s a rustic rendezvous or timberline tryst for every kind of adventurer—and, whether you’re playing strip cornhole in your campsite or practicing hypothermia drills in the backcountry, wilderness wild-times are literally the most natural expression of love. Tip: bring a blanket.




EVERYDAY: COOKIE POTLUCK HIKE. If simply being outdoors can make your soggy Kraft-single sammie taste like a gourmet gouda grill-up, imagine what it can do for COOKIES. For a truly next-level carbo-load, simply pick a date and destination, invite your sporty-spice squad—then have each of your gal-pals bring their favorite sugarpuck to the trailhead. And don’t forget to bring extra Ziplocs, so you can divide the leftovers HAHAHAHA JK COOKIE LEFTOVERS ARE NOT A THING.

EPIC: GIRLS’ HUT-TO-HUT TRIP. Want to flood your Instagram feed with high-country hijinks—without freezing your face off after dark? With a hut-to-hut snowshoe or hiking trip, you need not weigh down your pack with bulky sleeping bags and cooking gear; all of that stuff’s already in your cozy hut, which leaves plenty of room for the essentials (wine and cheese, obvs). Make sure to check your hut’s supply list—some even have cooking staples—so you can pack accordingly.


EVERYDAY: WINTER CAR CAMPING. Listen, we’ve all met that guy who can cram a month’s worth of camping supplies into a daypack. Don’t be that guy! For winter car camping, the goal is to bring as MUCH stuff as possible, from your massive inflatable mattress to the biggest cooler you can fit in your car. Warmth and comfort are paramount. We like to cook and vacuum-seal our dinners the night before, which keeps nighttime food prep to a minimum—just boil and serve!

EPIC: GLOWSTICK OLYMPICS. The new moon falls on February 15 this month, which means Valentine’s Day will be as dark as your black little heart. The humble glow stick made its popular debut at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, so with a week of this year’s Winter Games under your belt, February 14 is the perfect day to host your own Glowstick Olympics! Even the most mundane party games become epic when you add enough dibutyl phthalate…and tequila.

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