Backcountry BM’s: A guide to Poopin’ in the woods (the right way)!
Kelty September 6, 2023

Hey there, adventurous souls and nature enthusiasts! If you’re planning to explore the great outdoors and venture into the woods, you’re in for an unforgettable experience. But, let’s face it, nature calls for all of us, even when we’re miles away from the nearest restroom. Fear not! we at Kelty are here to guide you through the art of pooping in the woods, all while adhering to the Leave No Trace principles.

1. Plan Ahead and Prepare

Before you embark on your wilderness journey, take a moment to think ahead. Remember, even the most spontaneous adventurers can benefit from a little pre-planning, especially in the “bathroom department.” Pack a small trowel, biodegradable toilet paper, and a sealable bag (more on that later) in your backpack. Scope out a suitable spot for your private moment that’s at least 200 feet away from water sources and trails. Pro-tip: make sure it’s a good view too 😜.

2. Digging a Cat Hole

Ah, the iconic cat hole – it’s not what you think. To dig your cat hole, find a cozy, secluded spot. Use your trusty trowel to dig a hole about 6 to 8 inches deep and 4 to 6 inches wide. Imagine you’re planting a tiny tree of, um, natural origin. Just like real estate, location is everything; keep your hole away from high traffic areas and water sources. Once your hole is dug, consider it your throne of sustainability!

3. Do Your Business, Nature’s Calling!

When the moment comes, embrace your wild side and take care of business! Remember, you’re in the company of trees, animals, and the wind – so, no need to be shy. If you’re a paper enthusiast, use only biodegradable toilet paper. And just a note for those tempted to use leaves – unless you’re a true wilderness expert, it’s safer to stick to TP.

4. The Art of Burying Your Treasure

You’ve done the deed – applause! Now it’s time to channel your inner archaeologist. Drop the evidence (yes, that means your TP too) into the cat hole. But don’t just leave it there like a buried treasure map; cover it up with the soil you dug up. Leave no trace – literally. A well-covered cat hole helps prevent animals from digging it up and keeps the environment pristine for future explorers.

5. Pack It Out

Wait, didn’t we mention a sealable bag earlier? Yep, we’re getting there! Some places have specific regulations for packing out your waste, so be sure to check before you go. If it’s required or you just want to be extra eco-friendly, use a sealable bag to carry out your used toilet paper and place it in a trash receptacle when you’re back in civilization. This small step makes a big difference in preserving the beauty of nature.

So, there you have it – a lighthearted guide to mastering the art of pooping in the woods while keeping Mother Nature happy. Remember, the wilderness offers us endless beauty and unforgettable memories, so it’s only fair that we show our appreciation by leaving no trace and treading lightly. Now go forth, adventure-seekers, and embrace the great outdoors with confidence, knowledge, and a sense of humor – poop happens, but with Leave No Trace, it’s a breeze to handle! 🌲🚽🌳