Frozen Dead Guy Days 2018-Unicorns & Rainbows
Kelty March 13, 2018

Polar Plunge Jumps:  Coffin Racing:  Kelty in Unicorn Onesies:  Freezing your @#$ off at Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival: 

And It. Was. Awesome.

There’s a tiny town in Colorado, just up the hill from Kelty HQ, where one weekend every year, the town swells by 20,000 quirky, costumed fans ready to do just about anything to party it up for the Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival. The frosty fest pays homage to Norgwegian Bredo Morstol, who legend has it, is cryogenically frozen and housed in a Tuff Shed on dry ice, somewhere in or around Nederland. Sparking a curious interest in all things frozen & dead, the Frozen Dead Guys Days Festival was born and includes among other frigid events: Frozen T-Shirt Contests, Frozen Turkey Bowling, Slushee Brain Freeze Contests and an endless amount of live music & concerts.

Video Credit: Brendan Simpson/

The Coffin Parade

Get a team. Pick your theme. Make a coffin and parade it through downtown Nederland.




Costumed Polar Plunge

It’s freezing. The bigger the jump, the harder you fall.


(Amateur) Video Credit: Kelty’s Brand VP

 The Coffin Races

Quick guide on how to coffin race:

1. Gather your friends and pick a theme.

2. Built your own coffin- anything goes but you must have 6 pallbearers and 1 live body (min. 70 lbs.) IN the coffin during the race.

3. Carry your body-loaded coffin through the mud and snow obstacle course as fast as you can including: weaving through hay bales, batting snow balls with cardboard boxes and running up & down hills while trying to avoid going down in the mud pit to cross the finish line first.

Easy enough, right?

Play by play of the magical “Kelty-corns” race looked something like this:


Throwing shade/intimidating stares at the start line and then we’re off!

DSCF3802 (1)

Now THAT is a coffin. Looking good heading into the first turn.

fd7 The coffin rider must exit coffin and run to the field to bat snowball. Not trying to brag, but nailed it-first try.

Also, removing our aero-dynamic rainbow and tossing it to the crowd who went wild for it. What can we say- we’re crowd pleasers.


Things are starting to go downhill a little. Basically dragging our coffin through the mud at this point. Announcer: “Look at her use the knees! She’s hanging on for her life!”speaking about

our coffin-rider who is fighting gravity and within an inch of being face-planted in the mud. Gives new meaning to the term “trust-fall” with your team.


Crossing the finish line a little worse for the wear and (mostly) mud-free.

What other teams looked like:





The look on their faces is INTENSE. We might go with a more intimidating theme next year.

What our race actually looked like: Seriously- we got our unicorn hiney’s kicked pretty good.

(Amateur) Video Credit: Kelty’s Brand VP

It was our first time at Frozen Dead Guy Days…and it won’t be our last.

Photo Credits: Kyle Mallard &  Chloe Lewis

More info on Frozen Dead Guy Days.

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