Destination Maine: Acadia National Park
Kelty August 14, 2017

Don’t forget about Maine. That’s something we’ll always remind ourselves from this point forward. Acadia National Park had everything we could have asked for in a trip to a new national park. You name it, Acadia’s got it. Below you’ll find some highly recommended spots we suggest you check out!

Ship Harbor Trail

The Ship Harbor Trail is a super-fun figure-eight loop along Mount Desert Island’s southwest coast in Acadia National Park. It’s not as popular as many of the hikes along the park’s Loop Road, but it offers views that are just as cool. The hike tis only 1.8 miles, but those who enjoy bird watching or tide pool exploring will be able to spend hours here.


Recommended backpack: Redwing 40


Sieur de Monts Nature Center + Wild Gardens

Not feeling a hike? Not a problem. Head over to the Sieur de Monts Nature Center, home to the Abbe Museum, the Wild Gardens of Acadia, and the Sieur de Monts Spring, all of which are free to access with a national parks pass. TThe Sieur De Monts Spring is just behind the nature center, a key historical factor in the foundation of the park. The Wild Gardens sit to the right of the building, harboring over 300 native plant species, each labeled. The Abbe Museum is dedicated to displaying the Native American culture that flourished on Mount Desert Island before the park’s existence.


Keep the Redwing 40 close by in case you tend to wander like we do.


Beech Cliff Trail

The Beech Cliff Trail is a spectacular getaway for the adventurous on the relatively quiet west side of Mount Desert Island in Acadia National Park. Several ladders and the winding cliffside trail lead to some prime overlooks of Echo Lake as well as the bays and open ocean to the south of the island. The trail easily links to the Beech Mountain network with access to the Beech Mountain Firetower, but most people complete a short loop by turning left at the top to follow the Canada Cliffs Trail.


Be sure to bring: Redwing 44


Gorham Mountain Trail 

Gorham Mountain is a solid hike with even better views of the bays surrounding Mount Desert Island in Acadia National Park. Most people choose to link the Gorham Mountain Trail with the Ocean Path, making a 3.2-mile loop that starts and ends between Thunder Hole and Otter Cliff. It’s also possible to link with the Beehive Loop, adding about 2.5 miles to the trip. Others will just make it an out and back. With a moderate climb up to 525 feet, the trail offers some great views without the stress of the iron rung trails like the Beehive.


Don’t leave home withou: Redwing 32


Thunder Hole 

Thunder Hole is an Acadia National Park classic. The narrow crevice on the coast catches incoming waves and sends them rocketing as high as 40 feet into the air. Best of all, visitors can follow a well-maintained path right down to the ocean’s edge in a fenced off platform. Thunder Hole gets its name from the ominous booming that sounds with incoming waves. A small cavern just below the surface catches pockets of air as incoming waves suck water out to see. When they crash against the shore, the air bubble in the cavern explodes and echoes, creating a sound like thunder. It takes specific conditions to make the usual gurgling sound into the iconic peal of thunder; swells between three to six feet two hours before high tide are most likely to demonstrate the true power of Thunder Hole.


Don’t forget: Sira 45

We hope you have as good of a time in Acadia National Park as we did!