Why Does CBD Belong on Your Outdoor Gear List?
Kelty January 28, 2021
Kelty CBD Products for Outdoor Athletes

Kelty CBD Products help you go farther, higher, and faster…to dance harder, to bounce back, to think less and do more.

What is CBD?

Kelty THC-free CBD product info

You’ve probably at least heard of the stuff, but let’s start with the basics. CBD (cannabinoid) is a naturally occurring compound in Cannabis plants…yes, Cannabis. But let’s not confuse it with THC. CBD is non-psychoactive meaning it doesn’t get you Rocky Mountain High. Derived from the hemp plant, CBD is not addictive or habit-forming.

Sorry, are we starting to sound like your middle school health teacher? We’ll get to the fun stuff. Kelty CBD Products– what are they all about? We consulted CBD experts to combine CBD with select FDA-approved, over-the-counter ingredients, creating safe, reliable solutions for sun exposure, itch relief, muscle and joint pain, exposed cuts or scrapes, and more. Our CBD products are THC-free, American-made and built to actually relieve pain – not just soothe or hide it. From lotions to sprays to roll-on and more, Kelty CBD products are convenient tools–dare we say essentials?–to include on your gear list.

What’s the Difference between CBD Salves, Lotions, Gel, etc.?

The first question really is: why topicals? Topical products improve skin absorption and penetration (yes, we said penetration). So, is it better to go for a lotion, gel, or salve?

For Kelty CBD products (and most other topicals), the differences are minor. It mostly comes down to personal preference. For example, roll-ons have recently become popular due to the convenience. Lotions contain more water and moisturizing benefits. Salve lasts longer (a little goes a long way). It’s more important to consider how much discomfort you’re enduring, how much CBD is in the product, and what other active ingredients you’re looking for. All Kelty CBD Products come with directions so you’re sure to get it right.

Why CBD Belongs on Your Gear List

Here at Kelty, we’ve been encouraging outdoor shenanigans for almost 70 years.  No matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, we’re all about going full-out. We are #BuiltforPlay, after all. But while we firmly believe in living a no-regrets kinda life, there are days when this approach makes our hearts sing for joy—and also makes our bodies scream for mercy. And THIS, folks, is exactly why we’ve introduced Kelty CBD products.

Once CBD worked its way into the “natural pain relief” lexicon, CBD products have gradually become the MVP of the first-aid kit. As it turns out, CBD is truly amazing at treating just about anything a day of outdoorsy overdoing can bring. We took this one step further,  combining CBD with FDA-approved, over-the-counter ingredients to create your relief super hero.


Twisted your ankle on the trail—or perhaps underestimated your ability to sleep comfortably on anything less cushy than your California King? CBD products are clinically proven to help reduce pain and inflammation. This keeps you movin’ and groovin’ through minor pain, hiking-related muscle and joint soreness, dance-off-derived aches…and even the occasional Darwin Award-level “oh sh*t”.

We have three unique CBD products to relieve those inevitable wilderness whoopsies: Kelty CBD Pain Relief Cream, CBD Pain Relief Salve and CBD Pain Relief Gel Roll-On. Made in the U.S. without parabens, phthalates or THC, all Kelty CBD products are formulated with sustainably sourced cannabidiol and infused with natural anti-inflammatory oils for high-flying performance—without the actual high.


Leaves of three, let it be…legs of six, expect some tricks! CBD’s natural anti-inflammatory and systemic calming properties make it an amazing natural solution for unwanted encounters with the leafy and leggy denizens of the natural world. Combined with over-the-counter itch relief ingredients, Kelty CBD Itch Relief Spray provides extra fast relief from bug bites, flora-related irritation, minor scrapes and more.


Is it even a real adventure without a few scrapes? Thanks to Kelty CBD Antibacterial Spray, minor cuts and abrasions won’t keep you from reaching that summit. Or bagging that cornhole championship title. Or being the very best at whatever mischief you attempt today. Research shows that CBD is a powerful anti-bacterial substitute. Plus, Kelty CBD Antibacterial Spray is made with a first aid antiseptic and topical analgesics for extra #science points. Take it with you anywhere for instant infection protection and pain relief.


🎶 Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy 🎶  John Denver—patron saint of cannabis-inspired campfire songs and OG outdoor guy— definitely wasn’t wrong.

So, for those days when you dutifully re-apply your sunscreen every hour and yet STILL find your skin glowing like campfire embers, we created Kelty CBD After Sun Lotion. Turns out, CBD is great for burns due to its anti-inflammatory effect, and its ability to reduce pain and prevent infection.

Kelty CBD Product salves, roll ons, creams, lotions, sprays for outdoors

At the end of the day, we want to get more people outside, and we want them to have a good experience when they do. So next time you’re headed out, grab some Kelty CBD products, toss them in your pack, and be prepared for whatever your adventure throws your way. Built for Play. Now, Built for Too Much Fun. Built for Relief.

Still curious about the ABCs of CBD? Check out the FAQ section of our CBD page for answers to the most common questions we’ve encountered about this new product line. We can’t wait to hear what you think of the new kids on the Kelty block!