Tailgating: Kelty-style
Kelty September 11, 2018

4 Genius Hacks + Must-Have Gear for Epic Tailgating, Kelty-Style

If there’s one thing we know here at Kelty, it’s that almost everything is better when it’s enjoyed outside. And whether you’re a full-on face-painter or you’re just tagging along for hot burgers and cold beers, we’re here for you—with four killer hacks and essential gear for an epic tailgating season. Regardless of the final score, nobody loses when the pre-game is this strong. So insert your favorite team or alma mater HERE and get after it. And yes, our photos are from CU because that’s our hometown team…GO BUFFS!



  1. Be Prepared 

You don’t have to be a Boy Scout to understand that it super sucks to be stuck waiting in the Subway sandwich line because you didn’t shop and prep the day before. Also, planning ahead means you can sleep in—all that’s left to do on game day is roll out of bed, put on your team jersey/bikini, paint your face and pack the car. Here’s a short list of things you can do well in advance of go-time:

  • Pack utensils and non-perishable condiments/snacks
  • Plan your tailgating menu and do the grocery shopping
  • Prep ingredients and pack in cooler-friendly containers
  • Plan your drink-cooler sitch and secure crushed-ice bags
  • Freeze plastic water bottles for food cooler refrigeration 

MUST-HAVE GEAR: Two things you definitely need: our collapsible Folding Cooler, with hours of insulation and built-in cup holders, and beer. 


  1. Be Civilized 

Sure, you’re wearing a terrifying horse mask—but you’re not an animal. If you’re going to the trouble of preparing a meal out of the back of your car, go the extra mile to ensure that you and your guests are comfortable while you’re cramming said sustenance into the ol’ piehole. Provide ample shade and seating, and make sure you have options for both your mom (an actual comfy chair) and your hippie friends (something a little closer to the Earth). And no, your cooler does NOT count as a chair.


MUST-HAVE GEAR: Rest assured that our Mesh Lowdown and Low Love chairs will keep your mom and her friends happy, while the patchouli crowd can be just inches away from their beloved dirt on the Bestie Blanket. Hang Noah’s Tarp above the whole shebang, or set up a Sunshade, and you’ve got it made in the shade.


  1. Get Crafty 

You don’t have to be a knitting Brooklyn hipster to get creative with your pre-game—especially when it comes to adult bevvies. Start with simple Jell-O shots; mix up a few varieties of the jiggly stuff in your team’s colors, and pour them into disposable lidded cups to hand out when new guests arrive. Not sure where to put your drink when it’s time to double-fist Chicago dogs and other forms of meaty goodness? Hot-glue a strong magnet to your favorite coozy, and let the car hold your beer.

EXTRA CREDIT: Many stadiums allow you to bring food inside, but not liquor. If your home field is one of these, our resident party-parents tell us that those squeezy applesauce and baby food packets can enjoy short-but-fruitful second lives as disposable flasks…just sayin’. 



  1. Stay Warm

We know it’s still like 100 degrees in most places for early season football. But that’s going to change.  So be prepared and pack a blanket that doubles as a bench softner + cuddle opportunity. Or just plain staying warm with your BFF.   

MUST-HAVE GEAR: The Bestie Blanket.  Its perfectly sized & comes in a stuff sack with a handle for easy transport from car to tailgate to game.



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