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Kelty February 8, 2017


Valentine’s Date Ideas for Adventure Seekers

That time of year is approaching when you must profess your love to your SO with cards, candy & flowers. Kelty is here to help you skip all that and impress your date with some meaningful one-on-one date ideas, with all the cuddling and views you could want built right in. Read on for a list of our suggestions on date ideas for the adventurous. Use them now, or put them in your back pocket to bring out when the weather warms up again.

HighAlpine_©TWMPhoto-3037 (1)

Date Idea #1

Take a hike up to a nearby viewpoint or lookout and watch the sun set with a glass of wine or your favorite frosty beverage. Don’t forget your headlamp for the moonlit hike down. Or, drive up to your nearest lookout (makeout) point and set up a LowLove Seat & Shindig blanket for some double cuddling.

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Low-Love Seat

Shindig Blanket



Date Idea #2

Spend the morning at your local farmer’s market gathering fresh produce for a home cooked dinner later.  Use his & hers Hyphen Totes to carry all your fresh finds & look adorable while doing it.

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Hyphen Pack-Tote

Totes Tote



Date Idea #3

Plan a day date down by the river…drop your feet in the cool water, relax, fish, swim…whatever floats your boat.

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Sunshade w/Side Wall

Folding Cooler

Lowdown Chair



Date Idea #4

Date night in your backyard. Set up the Rover Tent and and play cards until you fall asleep. In the morning, sprint to the kitchen for coffee & pastries and return before he/she wakes up with breakfast in bed.

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Revival 15



Date Idea #5

Go festival watching with your SO and take the Bestie Blanket with you for when the sun drops, along with the temperatures.

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Bestie Blanket



Date Idea #6

Find a campsite or picnic table and make dinner outside for your lady. Guys, You only need boiled water to cook up something impressive for your girl in the outdoors.

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Horizon 2



Date Idea #7

Wake up to watch the sunrise with your morning coffee and tent with a view snuggled up in your double sleeping bag. Add a little liquor of your choice to really warm you up.

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Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20



Date Idea #8

Pack a picnic for the park with your loved one and enjoy the sunshine.  After lunch take a stroll around the park while HH (holding hands).

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Low-Love Seat



Date Idea #9

Star gazing is for lovers.  Take your tent out for a night at the billion star hotel and watch the stars instead of TV.

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Horizon 2



Photo Credit: Tom Milam