8 Tips To Un-Domesticate the Kids
Kelty June 29, 2018

This week we introduced Kelty’s new cause: Cure for the Common Kid. We’re all about getting people, but especially kids outside to play. Why? Aside from the more serious mental and physical health benefits associated with outside activity (think: increased mental focus, decreased obesity and other health issues), there is evidence that just playing in the dirt and breathing fresh air is good for you. On the simpler side, Over the years our kids child have been slowly habituated to the family household. The domestic child is known for spending hours indoors watching television and occasionally begging for pizza. Here at Kelty, we believe the domestication of children is unnatural. So we want to teach you how to return your kid to the wild, where they belong. Below we’ve created a list of tips on an adventure spectrum so you can choose the amount of time/effort you’d like to put into the un-domestication process.

If you’ve only got a few minutes:

Just freakin go outside: We love this one because it’s so easy. Literally all you have to do is move your bodies from an indoor location to a non-indoor location. Done.


Bug Catching: Parents have tried to get rid of this inherent trait in children throughout the domestication process, but it just can’t be removed. Kids love bugs. So instead of denying them their right to dig through the dirt and find the grossest worm, nurture that behavior. You may even find yourself getting excited about a roly poly you found.

Check out these products for bug catching and keepin’: Critter Barn & the Bug Net.


The hose: To most adults ‘the hose’ doesn’t sound like an activity, but to kids it’s hours of endless fun. Just turn it on and watch them go crazy. For amplified fun, put a tarp down on the grass and you’ve got yourself a DIY slip n’ slide or check out these DIY Slip n’ Slide ideas on Pinterest.


If you’ve got a few hours:

Local bike ride: Everybody loves a good, relaxed bike ride. You can make it as short or long as you’d like, depending on whether or not a meltdown occurs. Stop along the way and give your kiddo time to rest/explore a bit, or take a snack. Just remember this isn’t one of your spinning classes, so take it easy and enjoy the ride.

Fishing: Sharp hooks and children may seem like a dangerous combo, but that’s what adult supervision is for. Just grab a chair somewhere shady and let your kid catch some dinner.


Creek/Lake or Beach day: When it gets toasty outside the local pool starts to seem like a human soup pot. So instead of trying to peel your skin off the melted plastic chairs while checking to see if your kid is still upright, head to your local creek/river/lake/beach to beat the heat. Kids love the water and you love kickin’ back in the shade with a beer…er lemonade.


Bonus tip: keep delicate skin safe from the sun with the easy set-up Kelty Cabana.



kids 2


If you’ve got a full day/weekend:

Hiking: Pick a nice, easy trail that your kids will be able to walk the whole way by themselves, unless you’re up for carrying them. The older ones will have fun doing that parkour thing off rocks adn trees (it’s what the kids are doing these days: check this video clip for a visual demonstration from tv’s The Office). Bring plenty of water and snacks and go early in the day to avoid being roasted by the sun or hit with an afternoon shower. If you see a puddle, run THROUGH it, not around it.


Camping: We may be partial to this one, but camping is one of the best ways to show your kids how awesome the outdoors are. Just remember that prep is essential, and so are s’mores. Planning may seem like a pain in the butt, but it’s worth it to see your kids fall in love with nature like you once did. And if it helps, there is no shame in your camping game with a simple backyard tent set up. The stoke factor is still the same.




Family-friendly camping gear:

The Sequoia 4 or 6 person tent for enough room to stand up and jump around in.

Kid-friendly sleeping bags: the Woobie, the Big Dipper and the Kids Calisto.

Journey Perfectfit Kid Carrier with comfort in mind for both M & D.

And just because: Glow Sticks Party Pack.


Hopefully we’ve inspired you to get your kiddos outdoors and shed some light on this worthy cause. Together we can stop domestication and return kids to their natural state of play. Kelty on.

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Written By Kelty Intern: Maddison Graham