Big Trips

December 27, 2021
4 Essential Road Trips for Every Kind of Traveler premium
Your friends here at Kelty HQ loooove us some shoulder season. That’s the term travel buffs use to describe off-peak times, when the weather and/or adventuring conditions may not be QUITE as ideal—but when modest crowds and lower prices offer a pretty sweet trade-off. But even though the late fall through early winter is OUR […]
Back to Cool: 5 Fave Fall Camping Destinations (+ What to Bring on Every Kind of Trip) premium
Repeat after me: sweater weather is better weather. And, now that it’s finally here, your friends at Kelty want to make sure you make the most of those crisp days and brisk nights with our favorite fall camping trips! We asked our in-house outdoor obessives where they absolutely LOVE to go when the leaves start […]
Kelty’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide premium
What do you give someone in 2020? A reason to leave the house (and maybe hand sanitizer). From backyard shenanigans to backcountry camping, let’s take our holidays outside and give the gift of adventure. Check out our Holiday Gift Guide for this season’s must-haves, pro tips, and more. COYOTE 65 & WOMEN’S COYOTE 60: BACKPACKING […]