Responsible Camping with Kelty: premium
How We Walk the Walk, Every Day From our humble beginnings, in Dick and Nena Kelty’s Southern California kitchen, it has been our mission to make the Great Outdoors more accessible for everyone. We *LOVE* nature newbies, because few things are more wonderful than watching somebody experience their first night under the stars, or their […]
June 25, 2021
How To Choose A Sleeping Pad premium
Hopefully, you caught our last post, which covered the ins and outs of sleeping bag selection. But if you’re a true nature newbie, you may not know that when it comes to staying warm while camping, a well-chosen sleeping bag is only half the equation! Yes, a toasty bag will go a long way towards […]
June 21, 2021
How To Choose A Sleeping Bag premium
A guide to the right sleeping bag for your next adventure Attention, first-timers and fellow nature lovers! When it comes to spending the night under the stars, two things are essential to ensuring that everyone comes back for more: warmth and comfort. And, while your tent or shelter is obviously an important part of the […]