2018 Holiday Playlist
Kelty November 6, 2018

 A Gift Guide for the Happy Campers in Your Life

With the holidays just around the corner, you’re probably already running scenarios about impending family visits. For example: how many nights can you and bae stand sleeping in your squeaky old twin bed? Will those faded NKOTB posters still be staring you down, or has your mom finally converted your grade school digs into a “crafting den,” as promised? How much tuna casserole can one person eat?

With all of this on your mind, you don’t need the stress of hunting down the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Lucky for you, Kelty’s expert elves have done the legwork for you—here are some foolproof ways to secure your holiday hero status this year, ensuring ALL the campers in your life are happy ones.

For Your Festie Bestie

Kelty Bestie Blanket- We can’t imagine an adventure that wouldn’t be improved by bringing your Bestie. Finished with super-soft fabrics on both sides, it’s great over rough rocks or pokey grass…around the campfire or the park…as an extra layer over or under your sleeping bag…or a gift for your BFF, IRL.

CasusGrill Biodegradeable BBQ – Listen, parking lot mystery burritos have their place—we’ve certainly eaten more than our share. But if your BFF would prefer to have a bit more control over the cuisine (and hygiene) situation, this 100% natural, sustainable and totally disposable grill absolutely fits the bill.

Kelty Sunshade-  Friends don’t let friends get sunburned. We know you are out there from the runnin’ of the tarps to the encore of the closing act. Plan accordingly with this three-legged structure featuring a moveable sidewall to block the sun from any direction. Easy set up & carry from car to fest for trouble-free transportation.

TrailKeg Pressurized Growler- Friends don’t let friends drink flat (or inferior) beer. Now, it’s not like a product called “TrailKeg” needs the hard-sell, but in case you’d like a few deets: this ingenious one-gallon travel keg keeps those killer homebrews and craft beers perfectly carbonated and cold for 24 hours.

Kelty Mesh Low-Love Chair.  Mesh construction keeps the breeze flowin’ on hot days, while this camping-friendly cuddle couch with a lower base means you’re not towering over the campfire or blocking anyone’s view of the stage AND you’re closer to bae. A relaxed, slightly reclined design means you’re about to get your fill of chill. Extra points for insulated bevvie holders and a roll-tote carry bag

For the Happy Glamper

Kelty Camp Cabin 6 Tent- It’s not really glamping unless your abode is the object of extreme envy. Enter the Camp Cabin that’s part Taj Majal, part tent. This sucker is so sturdy and spacious, they’ll want to move in forever.

Lux Sustainable Picnic Rug- Look, we’re not trying to tell you how to live your life. But if you’re throwing down for castle-size tent, you obviously need to layer it liberally with Gold Scout LUX Picnic Rugs. Made from 100% recycled plastic, they’re silky-soft, legit waterproof and basically GORGEOUS.

Kelty Essential Chair-  Binge watch the mountains. Or the campfire. Or whatever your #tentview is, in comfort.  Adjustable insulated beverage holder to keep your can of rose’ chilled, plus the Roll-Tote carry bag makes the chair easier to pack and doubles as a firewood/gear tote.

LUME Travel Grinder + Camp Light- Not saying we’re coffee snobs, but we also don’t believe “roughing it” has to mean lukewarm Sanka in a Solo cup. Luckily, the good folks at LUME agree; their new portable coffee grinder delivers 50 cups of top-quality grounds on a single charge—and doubles as a light, too!

Kelty Women’s Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag- Our #1 bag, the Cosmic is a three-season superstar with cozy, quick-drying 600-fill DriDown™. Built for women and with a thermal comfort hood and draft collar, you stay warm for nights under the stars. Dream on.

For the Weekend Warrior

Kelty Coyote & Redcloud Backpacks- For friends and family members who are ready to hit the trail before sunup on Saturday, you can’t give a better gift than our Coyote Men’s & Women’s packs. These streamlined packs feature amazing organization and our patented Perfectfit adjustable suspension for utmost comfort and stability. For those taking the longer route to adventure, pack in more with the Redcloud, larger capacity packs.

Kelty Sine Sleeping Bags- Also offering men’s and women’s versions, our ultra-versatile Sine bag is a backcountry must-have—with water-resistant 800 fill DriTown(™) synthetic warmth, our ergonomic Arc Zipper System and a handy foot vent. On warmer nights, it can be left unzipped and used like a blanket.

LuminAID PackLite 2-in-1 Phone Chargers- While it’s great to go off-grid for a few days, you wouldn’t want to prevent your friend from posting all of those sweet tent selfies. The solar-powered LuminAID charger will keep their phone juiced up, doubles as a 300-lumen lantern, and packs flat for transport.  

Camp Chef Stryker Propane Stove-  this compact propane cooker heats water in 2 minutes and conserves 30% more fuel than other propane stoves.  Kraft Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese not included.

Kelty Horizon 2 Tent- Coming in cool at 3 lbs. and 10 oz., the Horizon 2 is the lightest-weight member of the Kelty family. Quick and easy set up with a hybrid one-piece design and Stargazing Fly included for 5 billion reasons to stay up a little longer.  This tent is packed for adventure.

For the Free-Range Family

Kelty 4P Sequoia Tent- Not that we necessarily WANT the kids to jump around in the tent, but it’s nice to know there’s ample room if the mood happens to strike (spoiler alert: the mood always strikes). Our spacious, sturdy and stable Sequoia is the tent of choice for fun-loving families everywhere.

Tru. Comfort Doublewide (for the adults) & Tru. Comfort 20 Degree Sleeping Bags (for the kids)- Fake news may be a thing, but fake comfort is not. You’re hot, the kiddos are cold and everything in between. If every night in your tent is a journey from Antarctic freezing to Sahara Desert hot and back again, take along the family of Tru. Comfort sleeping bags- something for everyone in the family. There’s a snuggle blanket for cool nights and a vent for your tootsies (no more hot feet). It all adds up to “just right” vibes—all night, every night.

Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite Kid Carrier- Less a kid carrier than it is an ultra-comfortable daypack that happens to carry a kid, the PerfectFIT keeps little ones comfortable, safe and secure—while adjusting to fit either mom or dad. There’s even a special pouch for stuff that’s dirtier than nature!

Waterproof MEC Newt Suits- Nothing can spoil a family camping trip like cold rain—and the shivering, whiny kids that often come with it. This year, stuff ALL your nieces and nephews into Newt Suits: colorful waterproof onesies designed to keep them warm, dry and HAPPY in just about any weather.

Motorola Walkie Talkies- Finally, what’s a greater gift than a few hours of quiet in the campsite? That’s exactly what they’ll get with these durable, waterproof walkie talkies. The kids can live out their Stranger Things fantasies while mom and dad spend some quality time in their birthday suits nature.

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