The Nuts New Neighbors
Kelty June 2, 2016

This is my tree. It’s been my tree my whole life.

It’s time to start storing nuts again. I was really good at it last time.

I’ve lived in this tree my whole life. This branch is my branch.

The birds know not to take my branch.

Wow, I wish I could fly. How cool would that be?

I have the best spot for storing nuts. I should start doing that.

There are new animals down there what the heck?

Two of them are as big as a bear but they’re not bears.

They’re not wolves either. Or deer.

I bet if I could just get on a deer’s back…

Why do the new animals have no fur? That’s dumb.

I always keep my fur nice and clean.

There are three babies too. One of them has fur. That one’s smart.

It’s getting cold. I should start storing nuts.

Why is the furry one with the weird ones anyway?

They’re right next to my tree. This is MY tree.

Even the birds know this is my tree.

One of the grown ones is building something.

The other one has a bag. It says “KELTY.” I don’t know what that means, but it looks fancy.

She’s opening it up. Oh man, that is a sweet pouch.

That would be such a good spot for a nest. Or just think how many nuts you could store in there.

Wait, there are other pockets too! I could build a nest in the big pocket and store my nuts in the small pocket!

Oh man, I need to get me one of these things.

The animal pulls out some food.


It’s not nuts, but I know food when I smell it.

I bet it’s better than nuts.

I can’t believe this bag makes food too! It just keeps getting better and better!

I should get it.

I’m on the ground now and the big ones haven’t even noticed me HAHA.

She’s looking away this is my chance!

I’m going I’m going I’m going to get the bag!

Run away run away run away!

Curse you small furry one! Now they’ve seen me!

At least he cannot climb the tree HAHA!