How to Make the Most of Your Redwing 44
Kelty June 21, 2016

While there are so many ways to use the Redwing 44 backpack, the below list are just a few that perhaps you have not thought of. See you on the trail, or in the neighborhood.

  1. Hide your pet bunny and take it to school. There’s enough space in the main compartment for both your books and your baby rabbit. You can keep your new friend’s food in the stash pocket, and store two water bottles in the side pockets – one for you and one for Thumper! Now with the Redwing 44 you can succeed in class and keep some furry moral support everywhere you go.
  2. Create your own Russian nesting bag! Fill your Redwing 44 with your favorite KELTY accessories and stuff it inside progressively larger KELTY bags. Once you’ve finished your bag inside of a bag inside of a bag, give it to a friend as a gift. They’ll love opening one bag after another!
  3. Fill it with balloons and fly away to escape the world’s problems. The Redwing 44 is space efficient, so you should be able to fit at least 3 blown up balloons inside. Secure the bag to your back and have a friend insert the balloons while holding you to the ground. Once you’ve been released, you’ll float away into the clouds. Just watch out for planes!
  4. Fill it with raw meat. Just hear me out on this one. If you fill your Redwing 44 with meat, dogs will follow you everywhere you go. And who doesn’t want a herd of dogs following you around? They’d be like your own personal cheerleaders, only with salivating mouths and hungry eyes. Bonus points if you can gather some non-canine animals for your animal pack too.
  5. Put it over your head and hide in it. No one will see you – we promise.

The KELTY Redwing 44…. The opportunities are endless