Here is to Adventure
Kelty June 9, 2016

We received this later from Jennifer a few weeks ago. Nothing makes us happier or more inspired to keep creating gear that lasts a life time, then letters like this. We would love to hear your stories!!!

This month of May marks 30 years with my backpack….yes, my Kelty backpack.

I can’t believe I’ve owned anything this long and still appreciate and use it. The backpack is a tough…but sexy…2800 cubic inch internal framed little Dynamo with lots of pouches AND the capability to expand. Designed with climbers in mind to scale mountains like the K2….but…mind you…this was NOT mine or my backpack’s fate. But together our superpowers and badassery was used for many other exciting things. Kelty was bought in 1986 for my first solo trip overseas and it’s been used for 14 more trips to Europe alone. It’s been dragged through England several times and flown over the white cliffs of Dover. It’s been on the TGV from Paris to the Pyrenees and made many stops from Frankfort to Prague after the Cold War ended.


We have spent a few glorious Christmas’ in the Canary Islands as well as a few cold ones in Montreal. It’s what I’ve lived out of for extended journeys, been my first aid kit, a closet, an office, a pantry and even a pillow. It’s no stranger to train trips in Canada, road trips across Cuba, hikes across Scottish moors and seen the wild horses of Shackleford Banks in my home state. It’s a bit faded but not frayed or tattered and still holding strong. It’s retired from foreign travel but has taken on a new career as an extended camera bag.
Whew! But it has been an adventure! Maybe it’s not what the Kelty Company intended but our “powder puff” ways wouldn’t completely embarrass them. We have done a lot and seen a lot AND it’s been the best $109 I have ever spent!

Here’s to adventure!!!

– Jennifer Ballard (loyal KELTY customer)