Five Adventurous Things You Can Try Today
Kelty July 8, 2016

Exploring the world is always exciting, but sometimes it’s just not possible. That doesn’t mean you can’t create your own adventure this weekend! Here are a few ways to find adventure even without even leaving your home city.

1.) Go to a concert by yourself
I was surprised by how much fun I had when I did this last weekend. The second I got in line to enter the venue, I made a new friend and we stuck together through the concert. Shows are a great way to meet people that have the same interests as you. Even if that’s not your goal, just going to enjoy something you love is definitely worth the experience.

2.) Try making a new food
You may not have a stunning mountain view to look out on, but staying at home means you do have access to a kitchen. Try exciting your taste buds by trying out a new recipe. If successful, you have a new staple to add to your repertoire. And if it doesn’t, you have a funny story about that time you tried making a soufflé.

3.) Learn a new language
You may not be able to travel the world now, but someday you might! Learning a new language will prepare you for the day when you get to jet off somewhere new and exciting. You’ll become an expert at communicating with locals, and you might even need to use the language in your own town. The app DuoLingo is a great free place to start practicing and improving your skills.

4.) Ask the next attractive person you see on a date.
You might pass by plenty of attractive people in a day, but how often do you actually talk to them? If you’re not creepy about it, they’ll most likely be flattered. And if nothing else, you’ll likely never see them again anyway. This is an entirely different kind of adventure from exploring the wilderness, but it can be just as rewarding!

5.) Dress completely differently from usual
Spicing up your wardrobe can be intimidating. Maybe you have the same shirt in nine different colors or you’re addicted to black. Challenge yourself this week by dressing completely outside your usual wardrobe or style. If you always wear neutrals, dress only in bright colors. If your wardrobe is on the preppier side, try going edgier. Whatever it is, just make it different. You might find a new staple you love.

Even if you can’t get out of town this weekend, don’t let that confine you to your daily habits. Trying something new in your hometown can bring a sense of adventure to your life without having to pack up and leave. You never know what you’ll find when you step outside your comfort zone.

KELTY. Expand your horizons.